Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Samples for Create & Craft - Tattered Lace Florentine collection

Hello all

Well it was a very exciting Sunday, 3 shows almost in a row, 8,10 and 1pm!  But I had the lovely Joanne, Debbie and Nigel to keep my company... here are some of the samples I made for the shows, if you need to know how they were made please leave me a comment and I shall post the instructions. 

 It's such fun to do the live shows, 
you never quite know how they will go,
  and as some of my family emailed in it was a bit hilarious,
 or though you would never know, I didn't let on!!!

I've got some more to post, so sorry you have to suffer so many pics!!

Thanks for looking at my blog, please leave a comment, Lizzy xxx

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  1. Whoopee this has worked, your post showed on my reading list!! Fabulous cards Lizzy and you were so professional! Susan x