Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Trevor the bear

This is Mini book about Trevor the bear, who now belongs to my sister. She found him in Dartmouth,  but didn't have time to buy him and bring him home. So I went to Saffron Walden, bought him and took him on some adventures,  he tried out our lawnmower, he sat for a picture with the garden gnomes, walked across our garden viaduct, which was very high up!  He went to Wimbledon, and watched the ladies quarter finals... so many things for a little bear to do,  but now he is on the lorry going down to Plymouth to be with his new Mum, Angela,  he will love it down there...
He's had too many pies!  No not John,  Trevor the bear of course!!

Each little pocket has a tag and a photo of Trevors antics.

This memory book was made with 1 sheet of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper

Hope you like little Trevor and his memory book Ang.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Trevor has arrived in his new home in Devon. He has already driven on the Wardens tractor, helped in the office, and played in the garden. He is going to star in our blog and come with us on our travels